At Kingdom Builder we strive to provide a Christian lens to view all of history. We discuss events from creation to current from a Christian World View. We look at the good, the bad, and the ugly working toward an understanding of God’s hand in all the events of history. We want to make certain that regardless of your student’s future pursuits they are fully equipped with a solid foundation of history with a Christian World View.


Textbook: American Government in Christian Perspective
3rd Ed, ABeka.

Class Length: 16 weeks (1 semester)

Class format: Lecture, Activities, Reading, Homework, Tests.

Description: “Pave the way for your students to discover the blessings and symbols we hold dear as Americans! Focusing on the U.S. Constitution, the government it established, and the rights and privileges it guarantees, this semester-long curriculum also explores federalism, state and local governments, and the opportunities and responsibilities of citizens. Grades 11 or 12.” Offered every other year.