At Kingdom Builder we strive to provide a Christian lens to view all of history. We discuss events from creation to current from a Christian World View. We look at the good, the bad, and the ugly working toward an understanding of God’s hand in all the events of history. We want to make certain that regardless of your student’s future pursuits they are fully equipped with a solid foundation of history with a Christian World View.

U.S. History

Textbook: United States History 5th Ed, BJU

Class Length: 32 weeks (2 semesters)

Class format: Lecture/Multi-Media presentation, Reading, Homework, Tests, One 5 page research paper per 16 week semester.

Description: “United States History (5th Edition) Student Text takes the student on a journey beginning with European contact with American Indians and ending with the inauguration of Donald Trump. Along the journey, the course highlights major historical events that have shaped American history, inviting students to discuss the ramifications of these events on society today.”